Lovely Disarray @ The Kawaii Project~

Kawaii, you say? Yes, kawaii indeed.
The Kawaii Project is a new bi-monthly event featuring some of the best & awesome designers on the grid.
It’ll open to the public for shopping today Saturday, November 15th.

Personally I was a bit worried when I was getting into this, as those of you who know my brand see I don’t usually make very girly cosmetics. I also tend to stick to the dark & unisex route… but I enjoyed the challenge. I’m glad to be back with new things to share.

Below I’ll show my items that’ll be available @ the event with details about them.

Neo Geisha Concept

Available in three (3) colors; Red, Pastel Blue & Pink.

What each set will Include:
Two (2) – Complete Layers.
Five (5) – Separate Layers to wear as you please.

7 Layers in Total!

1 Loud Mouth Applier HUD
Which includes six (6) Lip Sticks.

More Info:
- PLEASE wear a hair base on TOP of the ‘Smeared Forehead Makeup’ for the best looking results.
- Lip Sticks are ONLY available to be used with Mesh Loud Mouth, of any style. No System Layers are available for the lips.


Iilumi Eye Shadows & Blush Set

Included in this set is:
Ten (10) – Eye Shadows with complimenting eye liners.
Three (3) – Pink Blushes.

13 Layers in Total!

I hope to see you at the 1st round of The Kawaii Project for all things adorable & whimsical.

You may view more info & even the shopping guide HERE.


The Kawaii Project

.Anatomy. & Lovely Disarray @ Body Mod Expo

Friday The Body Modification Expo opened to the public for 2014.

Unexpectedly Glitch of .Anatomy. asked me to collaborate with her on a few things to release at the expo.
We worked mad crazy to get everything done just in time, but I’m so glad we got through it & made some awesome things in the process. At the .Anatomy. booth you’ll find three other piercing releases Glitch made for Body Mod, along with the two exclusives we worked on together.

I’ll display the two collaborations available @ The Body Mod Expo & give some details as to what is included & the costs.

.Anatomy. + Lovely Disarray – Madness : Piercing and Facial Scars

This is a Unisex set which includes a massive set of Scars & Glasgow tattoo layers for the face as well as a Mesh Piercing with multiple color options.

FOUR (4) Complete Scar & Glasgow layers
THIRTEEN (13) Separate Layers to Mix-N-Match for your desired look.

SEVENTEEN Facial Tattoo Layers in Total!

One Mesh Piercing + Color Changing HUD with SIX (6) colors to choose from.

Get all of this MADNESS for the price of 220L$!

.Anatomy. + Lovely Disarray – Delusion Eyes & Nails [FATPACK]

This set is completely Unisex, including slightly bruised dark circles (tattoo layers), Mesh & System eyes & a lovely Slink nail applier to give your nails a grungy appeal.

FOUR (4) System & MESH Eye Colors.
TWO (2) Under Eye Makeups (85% & 100% Opacities).

Slink Mesh Hand Nail Applier with FOUR (4) color variants.

Let your delusions seep through for just 169L$~

Visit The Body Mod Expo~

New Exclusives @ The Dark Style Fair!

Today is May 17th which marks the beginning of TDSF!
Over 100 talented designers are participating in this huge fair. This event caters to those who prefer to go to the darker side with their style.
The Dark Style Fair opens today ( May 17th @ 7AM SLT) & will come to an end on June 7th.

For this fair I have created two new Unisex Sets!
These two sets are massive & have many different makeup options. Whether you want to wear layers separately, mix-n-match or tint certain layers.
I was able to create a Loud Mouth applier for one of them (Haunted Souls), which will work with either the male or female versions of the mesh mouth.

Haunted Souls


The Vanquisher

Teleport to TDSF!

ALSO, at my stall I’ve added a pushpin with the new location for the main stores for:
Lovely Disarray, Cool Story Bro., {Anatomy} & HEX APPEAL.

This new area will be a WI.P. for a while as we are still getting things organized.
The final look will be completely different & cater to the different styles of stores Glitch, Amy, Lix & myself have.

Group Gift @ Lovely Disarray~

I have been getting a lot of questions about the Destruction of Life set I made for the AOME Hunt (April 1st-13th 2014) after it ended.

Some people wanted to buy it from me directly, others asked when I’d release it & told me they really wanted it.
I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with it for a while. At first I thought I would discontinue it as I’ve done with previous hunt items… But then I took into consideration how short this hunt lasted & decided to then just make it available as a Group Gift for the Update Group.
So it’s now available for those who are member for the Lovely Disarray Update Group!

I’m glad that sooo many of you enjoyed the item while it was available for the hunt!
If you missed the chance to get it before, now you can get it as a G.G. at the main store.


Astrexia Chrome

The Amazon Trio : Limited Edition War Paint Set

This set is inspired by a trio of baddies from the Sailor Moon Universe called The Amazon Trio.
This is a great set for those super Sailor Moon fans, role-players or those who simply love war paint~

This set is completely Unisex.
Including 3 different war paints for each character; 3 Versions of Fisheye, 3 Versions of Hawk’s Eye & 3 Versions of Tiger’s Eye.
2 unisex eyeliners.
In total that’s 11 layers.
You’ll also have the ability to Mix-&-Match the separates (Original & Right Versions) for different color combinations!

This is a Limited edition/Limited quantity set. ONLY 85 copies will be available for purchase @ the price of 175L$.
So get it while it’s available!

TP to the Main Store

*Please excuse the mess our shopping SIM is currently in, it’s currently being changed.*


Lovely Disarray @ The BIG SHOW!

In The Big Show’s 6th round I’m participating in the shopping event as a sponsor.
First time I’m participating in this event, I’m a bit excited & also slightly nervous.
I know this event is mainly geared towards females but most of the time I create items for everyone to enjoy, so as usual the items created are Unisex.

I made two exclusives for the event.
For The Big Show my exclusive items will be at a discounted price, ranging from 23-30% OFF.

Aggressive Intentions
Unisex Face Paint & Liners

This set of face paints & eye liners includes my standard black version with highlighting detail, but it will also include tint-able versions!
Aggressive Intentions also comes with two gender variant eyeliners.
The tint-able layers included are ONLY around for the duration of the event & will be removed for the in-store release.

There are 8 layers in total in this set.


Cosmic Spiral : Eyes
System & MESH Eyes.

This set of Mesh & System eyes are hand drawn & painted to give you a uniquely hypnotic stare~
The Radial version of the eyes are ONLY available with the Fat-Pack purchase.
Besides being a fat-pack exclusive, this version of the eye will NOT be sold after the event ends.

Lovely Disarray @ The BIG Show!

TP To:
The Big Show

Apple of my Eye Hunt.

The AOME Hunt has been well underway, it officially started on the 1st. I wanted to do a blog post then but I have so much work pilled up that I have to catch up on.
The hunt will run until the 15th.

For the hunt I created a unisex facial makeup directly inspired by one of my favorite Anime shows & characters. It’s Sesshōmaru from Inuyasha~

I hope you all like it. It took a lot of trial & error to get the crescent moon right on the forehead, because it warps so much.
But depending on how your forehead is shaped it’ll possibly change the way it’s supposed to look regardless.
I did tests on a handful of shapes I have & the makeup looked just as they are in the pictures above, so hopefully it’ll translate just as well on others. If not, you’ll have to tweak the shape of the forehead for it to look just right.

Starting Location

For more info on the designers participating, hints & more please visit the Windfall Events web Site.