New Exclusives @ Totally Top Self Anniversary!

Today is August 1st which marks the anniversary of Totally Top Self. For the occasion the event was given a royals theme. TTS is a bi-monthly event which brings you creations at a discounted price for the duration of the event. There’s great list of designers & even some gacha machines out for those who enjoy to try their luck.

For this event I created two new cosmetic sets; one is more feminine, while the other sex is unisex. You can actually mix & match the two sets with interesting results.

Gilded Eye Shadows

Show off your wealth with these glamorous eye shadows~
Although these are more for the ladies, these also look good on men who are daring & going for that avantgarde look.
■ Includes:
Six (6) Eye Shadows in System Layers (Tattoo)
System Layers Only!

Forgotten Nobility (Unisex)

Somber yet beautifully elegant. Although you may have been forgotten, that doesn’t mean you can’t look lovely~
This is a massive set which consists of; eye makeup, lip stain designs & Applier HUDs for Loud Mouth (Unisex) & SweetLips.
I placed this set out @ 20% off for the duration of the event.
■ Includes:
One (1) Unisex Loud Mouth Applier HUD, One (1) [PXL] SweetLips Applier HUD
One (1) Female Eyebrows Shaper (Modifiable), One (1) Female Eyebrows Shaper (Modifiable)
Five (5) Complete Layers (Tattoo System Layer)
Five (5) Separate Lip Layers (Tattoo System Layer)
Five (5) Separate Eye Makeup Layers (Tattoo System Layer)
Fifteen (15) Layers in total!

TTS Royals Theme

I hope you can come by this event & check out all of the offerings each designer has created.

Totally Top Shelf


Quirky x Astrexia Chrome @ Manga Fair

Manga Fair
July 19th – August 9th
Sim opens to the public @ 12 AM SLT

Glitch Grantham of Quirky & myself collaborated to create something for Manga Fair.
After much thought we decided on a set of Horns & Wings inspired by the character Dead Master of BRS (Black Rock Shooter). Along with the Reaper Set I created a damaged back wound tattoo to go be used in conjunction with the wings. It adds something a little something different than what’s simply expected.

The mesh wings & horns are also unrigged so you can modify the position & such as you like.

Quirky – Reaper Set

There are four colors to choose from; Bone, Midnight, Green & Purple.

Each Set Includes:
Damaged Back wound with; Slink, Belleza, Maitreya & Omega Appliers.
(Unisex TMP Tattoo Installer is available for free, under the the Manga Fair Exclusive Sign in the Quirky booth.)
TMP Installer

At Manga Fair you’ll find a large assortment of; Clothing, Accessories, Add-ons,
Appliers, Mods for M3/Kemono & much more!
There’s even two sections for all of you Gacha players.

Landing Point

Quiky Booth

~ Bandanas for Hair Fair 2015 ~

Since I cannot mesh (yet…) I thought it would be nice to help Hair Fair in raising some extra money for Wigs for Kids in another way… I created two Bandana designs, one is Sakura Blossom & the other is Sea Goddess.
Whether you visit the Brunette Sim, Blonde Sim or any of the other locations you should find these & all of the other bandans which where created by other Residents of Second Life. Just look for the bandana booth. As always all bandana creations are limited editions & only available for the duration of Hair fair.
These can be purchased for 50L$ & all profit goes towards Wigs for Kids.

– Sakura Blossom (Left) & Sea Goddess (Right) –

Also please, don’t forget that the last day of Hair Fair is the celebrated Bandana Day. A time to remove your hair to show you care & display your favorite style of bandana.

Hair Fair:
Blonde Sim
Brunette Sim
Redhead SIm
Noirette Sim


Lovely Disarray @ The Sugar Garden Mall.

Lovely Disarray has a little shop @ The Sugar Garden Mall, which only sells makeup mods for the adorable line of Mesh Heads created by Eilfie Sugarplum.
Many other designers have created mods for the mesh heads; such as skin, add-ons, makeup & more.

Below are the new releases I’ve made to be used with the mesh heads.


This set is composed of a set of facial war paints & eye shadow. I wanted to make something different, other than just cute. Simply because these mesh heads are adorable, doesn’t mean they can’t be customized to seem a bit edgy or mysterious. There is also a tintable war paint layer, to change it to any color you want using the Makeup Applier HUD.

Included with this set is:
One (1) – Destroyer : War Paint
One (1) – Destroyer : War Paint [Tintable]
One (1) – Destroyer : Eye Shadow


This is a modified version of the Hakutaku set I recently released. It was requested to be made into an applier for the TSG heads & I took on the challenge of attempting it.

What’s included in this set:
One (1) – Hakutaku : Eye Makeup
One (1) – Forehead Eye

You’ll be able to try on these appliers if you head over to the TSG Mall. I’ve made demos for them, as I want to be sure that everyone can try them on their mesh head & check the compatibility of it beforehand.
The Lovely Disarray shop can be found on the second floor.

The Sugar Garden & Mall

Lovely Disarray @ TDSF2

May 1st will mark the opening of The Dark Style Fair 2, to the public.

I’ve made two exclusives for this fair, both which are unisex so everyone can enjoy them.
You can view my preview posters for these two sets here.

Hozuki : Makeup Set [Unisex]

Hozuki includes:
1 (One) – Complete Layer
3 (Three) – Separate Layers; Eyeliners, Eyebrows, Black Eyeliner & Red Shadow
1 (One) – Eyebrow Shaper* (For standard AV use.)
2 (Two) – UNISEX TMP Mesh Head Appliers (Makeup(s) & Eyebrows)

4 (Four) System Layers in total & 2 (Two) TMP Installers.

*It’s important to wear the EYEBROW Shaper if you intend to wear either the ‘complete’ or ‘eyebrow’ layer, because it will shape the area giving the best overall look.

Hakutaku : Makeup Set [Unisex]

Hakutaku includes:

2 (Two) – Complete Layers; Complete & Complete [No Brows]
3 (Three) – Separate Layers; Eye Makeup, Eyebrows & Forehead Eye
1 (One) – Eyebrow Shaper* (For standard AV use)
2 (Two) – UNISEX TMP Mesh Head Appliers (Makeup(s), Eyebrows & Forehead Eye)

*It’s important to wear the EYEBROW Shaper if you intend to wear either the ‘complete’, ‘eyebrows’ or ‘Forehead Eye’ layer, because it will shape the area giving the best overall look.

The Dark Style Fair 2


Lovely Disarray Exclusives Preview for TDSF2

Hakutaku & Hozuki Unisex Makeup Preview
The Dark Style Fair 2 (TDSF2)
May 1st – June 1st

Hakutaku  : Unisex Makeup Set
Preview Poster

Hozuki : Unisex Makeup Set
Preview Poster

Earlier this month I got into an anime called Hōzuki no Reitetsu. I really enjoyed the odd characters & dark humor, so much so that I ended up with a desire to create unisex cosmetics of two of the characters in the series. It’s a show that if you haven’t picked up yet, you should.

A full post with all the details of both cosmetic applications will be posted tomorrow.


Astrexia Chrome

Cosmetic Fair / Love is Love~

With Valentines Day it is also the opening of Cosmetic Fair / Love is Love.
50 talented designers have come together for this special
edition of Cosmetic Fair.
A perfect time to shop for new makeup, skin, eyes, hair & everything else available at this lovely fair.

The Devotion Eye Shadows comes complete with System & TMP Installer (Female Installer) for your mesh head.
Dark & Light tones, include:
Light Red, Light Purple, Light Pink.
Dark Red, Dark Purple, Dark Pink.
That’s six (6) eye shadow colors for 150L$

Cosmetic Fair
Love is Love

Feb 14th – Feb 28th.