Lovely Disarray @ The Sugar Garden Mall.

Lovely Disarray has a little shop @ The Sugar Garden Mall, which only sells makeup mods for the adorable line of Mesh Heads created by Eilfie Sugarplum.
Many other designers have created mods for the mesh heads; such as skin, add-ons, makeup & more.

Below are the new releases I’ve made to be used with the mesh heads.


This set is composed of a set of facial war paints & eye shadow. I wanted to make something different, other than just cute. Simply because these mesh heads are adorable, doesn’t mean they can’t be customized to seem a bit edgy or mysterious. There is also a tintable war paint layer, to change it to any color you want using the Makeup Applier HUD.

Included with this set is:
One (1) – Destroyer : War Paint
One (1) – Destroyer : War Paint [Tintable]
One (1) – Destroyer : Eye Shadow


This is a modified version of the Hakutaku set I recently released. It was requested to be made into an applier for the TSG heads & I took on the challenge of attempting it.

What’s included in this set:
One (1) – Hakutaku : Eye Makeup
One (1) – Forehead Eye

You’ll be able to try on these appliers if you head over to the TSG Mall. I’ve made demos for them, as I want to be sure that everyone can try them on their mesh head & check the compatibility of it beforehand.
The Lovely Disarray shop can be found on the second floor.

The Sugar Garden & Mall

Lovely Disarray @ TDSF2

May 1st will mark the opening of The Dark Style Fair 2, to the public.

I’ve made two exclusives for this fair, both which are unisex so everyone can enjoy them.
You can view my preview posters for these two sets here.

Hozuki : Makeup Set [Unisex]

Hozuki includes:
1 (One) – Complete Layer
3 (Three) – Separate Layers; Eyeliners, Eyebrows, Black Eyeliner & Red Shadow
1 (One) – Eyebrow Shaper* (For standard AV use.)
2 (Two) – UNISEX TMP Mesh Head Appliers (Makeup(s) & Eyebrows)

4 (Four) System Layers in total & 2 (Two) TMP Installers.

*It’s important to wear the EYEBROW Shaper if you intend to wear either the ‘complete’ or ‘eyebrow’ layer, because it will shape the area giving the best overall look.

Hakutaku : Makeup Set [Unisex]

Hakutaku includes:

2 (Two) – Complete Layers; Complete & Complete [No Brows]
3 (Three) – Separate Layers; Eye Makeup, Eyebrows & Forehead Eye
1 (One) – Eyebrow Shaper* (For standard AV use)
2 (Two) – UNISEX TMP Mesh Head Appliers (Makeup(s), Eyebrows & Forehead Eye)

*It’s important to wear the EYEBROW Shaper if you intend to wear either the ‘complete’, ‘eyebrows’ or ‘Forehead Eye’ layer, because it will shape the area giving the best overall look.

The Dark Style Fair 2


Lovely Disarray Exclusives Preview for TDSF2

Hakutaku & Hozuki Unisex Makeup Preview
The Dark Style Fair 2 (TDSF2)
May 1st – June 1st

Hakutaku  : Unisex Makeup Set
Preview Poster

Hozuki : Unisex Makeup Set
Preview Poster

Earlier this month I got into an anime called Hōzuki no Reitetsu. I really enjoyed the odd characters & dark humor, so much so that I ended up with a desire to create unisex cosmetics of two of the characters in the series. It’s a show that if you haven’t picked up yet, you should.

A full post with all the details of both cosmetic applications will be posted tomorrow.


Astrexia Chrome

Cosmetic Fair / Love is Love~

With Valentines Day it is also the opening of Cosmetic Fair / Love is Love.
50 talented designers have come together for this special
edition of Cosmetic Fair.
A perfect time to shop for new makeup, skin, eyes, hair & everything else available at this lovely fair.

The Devotion Eye Shadows comes complete with System & TMP Installer (Female Installer) for your mesh head.
Dark & Light tones, include:
Light Red, Light Purple, Light Pink.
Dark Red, Dark Purple, Dark Pink.
That’s six (6) eye shadow colors for 150L$

Cosmetic Fair
Love is Love

Feb 14th – Feb 28th.

Lovely Disarray @ Creepy Kawaii Fair~

Creepy Kawaii Fair 2015 is jam packed with high quality creations from talented designers around the grid.
Anyone who enjoys the cute & macabre should definitely make this fair a stop for shopping needs.

Ghoul Eyes

In each set you get two color versions in both system layers & Mesh.
Each set costs: 120L$.

Dripping Nails

This is a set of nail appliers for Slink mesh hands & feet.
A glossy drip design was created with accented candy & pastel colors as the nail base for a slightly creepy but cute nail design.
You get both the Original & REverse for just 100L$.

Collaboration Exclusives @ Creepy Kawaii

Quirky & Lovely Disarray
Little Death Dealer

This is a really creepy kawaii fun set.
Each set contains your purchased eye color, plus the blood eyes in both System & Mesh.
Mesh Eyeball Hair clip.
Bloody mouth, eye & hands.
Slink& Maitreya Appliers.
300L$ each OR the fat-pack which includes every eye color option for L$1250.

Quirky & Lovely Disarray
Dripping Stockings

This set includes nine different colors for this drip design stocking.
It also includes appliers for Slink, Maitreya & Belleza.
No system layers. Feet appliers for Maitreya & Slink only.
170L$ OR get the fat-pack which includes the dripping nails for 240L$

Creepy Kawaii Fair 2015

Feb 13th – Feb 28th.

Lovely Disarray @ Fashion Fair 2015.

For Fashion Fair I created two new exclusives. It’ll be open to the public from 2/1/2015  –  2/28/2015.
There are about 100 designers participating in this fair, making it a pretty big gathering of talents from across the SL grid.
I hope you’ll be able to make your way there & have a look around this venue.

Guardians Wing
Unisex Cosmetic // TMP Installer Only

Includes a Left & Right version of this cosmetic in both Black & Red colors.
4 types of cosmetic applications in total.


Mistress Eyeliners
System + TMP Installers

This set of eyeliners includes two styles: Pointed & Angular.
A simple version & a version with Lumi (Luminescence) which adds a touch of shine to the inner & lower lid, for a more feminine look.
4 versions in total.


The Lovely Disarray booth can be located in the south/Southeast direction of the map,
from the landing point entrance.

Fashion Fair 2015

Fashion Fair 2015

Lovely Disarray is looking for bloggers!

Male & Female bloggers welcome~
For the first time in a long time Lovely Disarray will be looking to sponsor bloggers.

Applications will be accepted from; 1/22/2015 until 1/29/2015.

You may visit the Store Blog to find your way to the application form.
Please be sure to read the criteria & other information before proceeding to fill out the application.


Astrexia Chrome
Owner of: Lovely Disarray
Glitch Grantham
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