The Invitation Only Hunt.

Starting @ 11.59pm SLT tonight, The Invitation Only Hunt will begin!

Lovely Disarray was invited to join The Invitation Only Hunt.
I created a new unisex face paint & leg tattoo set called Slayer.
There are three (3) tattoo layers included in the set, which means there are three ways of wearing Slayer.

Slayer, can be found somewhere hidden in my store Lovely Disarray. Perhaps a hint will help guide the way?
Hint: “Taste My Sad.”

There are about 47 stores participating. Each creator/designer was hand picked & invited to join in this special hunt.
The Invitation Only Hunt doesn’t have a theme. Each designer created something of their choice, which could also be unisex.
Both males & females are welcome to the hunt as it’s something we want everyone to enjoy. Even the little ones.

Starting Location: .sleeping koala.
More info @ Stuff My Inventory Hunts


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