Raeven [Limited Edition] Shape & Makeup Set

{Anatomy} Body Shop has once again teamed up with Lovely Disarray to bring you another Limited Edition Shape & Makeup Set, Raeven.
Now when I say Limited Edition, I seriously mean it.
At this moment there are only eight (8) sets left available for purchase!

Anatomy & Lovely Disarray - Raeven
There were fifteen (15) sets to begin with & only a few are left.

With the purchase of Raeven, you will have a one of a kind Shape made by Glitch Grantham, Owner of {Anatomy}.
For the Limited Edition Set she has also thrown in her Nipple & Crotch Erasers, a set of nifty layers to hide your naughty bits.
Also included are three (3) makeup layers created by: Lovely Disarray.
From very subtle under eye definers to a very dramatic & dark makeup. The makeup is also unisex.
This whole set of goodies is priced @ 750L$

Lovely Disarray - Raeven Makeup [Limited Edition]

Don’t miss the chance to get your hands on a super limited edition Shape & Makeup Set!
Once it has sold out, it’ll be gone forever.

The Raeven Set is available for purchase inside of the {Anatomy} Main Store which is right next to Lovely Disarray.

Lovely Disarray & {Anatomy}


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