New Location = SALE!

Lovely Disarray has a new home~

A move was set in place last week & today I’m happy to say that I’ve moved all my things to the new location. On this new area you’ll be able to find Anatomy & Cool Story Bro as in the previous setup.
There are also two rental shops available if anyone is interested in joining us.

In the next following weeks I’ll be working on new releases & also learning to make certain appliers for some of my makeups.
More details on the appliers will be shared at a later time.

With this move I wanted to throw a little sale.
For the past month and a half I’ve been sick with a cold & a bad cough. I have a weak immune system & get sick very easily from season to season. I meant to start this sale on Sunday night but I became very ill & had no choice but to postpone it until now.

Details about the sale:
ALL of my older cosmetics will be priced at 50-100 Linden.
Once this sale ends all of my older cosmetics will be retired to the Marketplace to their full price, so get them while they’re cheap!
My more recent items will be marked down to 100-150 Linden.
New items on the “The Wall of New Stuff” are not on sale.

Starts: Now!
Ends: March 11th.

Visit the new home of:
Lovely Disarray, Anatomy & Cool Story, Bro.


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