Lovely Disarray @ The BIG SHOW!

In The Big Show’s 6th round I’m participating in the shopping event as a sponsor.
First time I’m participating in this event, I’m a bit excited & also slightly nervous.
I know this event is mainly geared towards females but most of the time I create items for everyone to enjoy, so as usual the items created are Unisex.

I made two exclusives for the event.
For The Big Show my exclusive items will be at a discounted price, ranging from 23-30% OFF.

Aggressive Intentions
Unisex Face Paint & Liners

This set of face paints & eye liners includes my standard black version with highlighting detail, but it will also include tint-able versions!
Aggressive Intentions also comes with two gender variant eyeliners.
The tint-able layers included are ONLY around for the duration of the event & will be removed for the in-store release.

There are 8 layers in total in this set.


Cosmic Spiral : Eyes
System & MESH Eyes.

This set of Mesh & System eyes are hand drawn & painted to give you a uniquely hypnotic stare~
The Radial version of the eyes are ONLY available with the Fat-Pack purchase.
Besides being a fat-pack exclusive, this version of the eye will NOT be sold after the event ends.

Lovely Disarray @ The BIG Show!

TP To:
The Big Show


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