The Amazon Trio : Limited Edition War Paint Set

This set is inspired by a trio of baddies from the Sailor Moon Universe called The Amazon Trio.
This is a great set for those super Sailor Moon fans, role-players or those who simply love war paint~

This set is completely Unisex.
Including 3 different war paints for each character; 3 Versions of Fisheye, 3 Versions of Hawk’s Eye & 3 Versions of Tiger’s Eye.
2 unisex eyeliners.
In total that’s 11 layers.
You’ll also have the ability to Mix-&-Match the separates (Original & Right Versions) for different color combinations!

This is a Limited edition/Limited quantity set. ONLY 85 copies will be available for purchase @ the price of 175L$.
So get it while it’s available!

TP to the Main Store

*Please excuse the mess our shopping SIM is currently in, it’s currently being changed.*



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