.Anatomy. & Lovely Disarray @ Body Mod Expo

Friday The Body Modification Expo opened to the public for 2014.

Unexpectedly Glitch of .Anatomy. asked me to collaborate with her on a few things to release at the expo.
We worked mad crazy to get everything done just in time, but I’m so glad we got through it & made some awesome things in the process. At the .Anatomy. booth you’ll find three other piercing releases Glitch made for Body Mod, along with the two exclusives we worked on together.

I’ll display the two collaborations available @ The Body Mod Expo & give some details as to what is included & the costs.

.Anatomy. + Lovely Disarray – Madness : Piercing and Facial Scars

This is a Unisex set which includes a massive set of Scars & Glasgow tattoo layers for the face as well as a Mesh Piercing with multiple color options.

FOUR (4) Complete Scar & Glasgow layers
THIRTEEN (13) Separate Layers to Mix-N-Match for your desired look.

SEVENTEEN Facial Tattoo Layers in Total!

One Mesh Piercing + Color Changing HUD with SIX (6) colors to choose from.

Get all of this MADNESS for the price of 220L$!

.Anatomy. + Lovely Disarray – Delusion Eyes & Nails [FATPACK]

This set is completely Unisex, including slightly bruised dark circles (tattoo layers), Mesh & System eyes & a lovely Slink nail applier to give your nails a grungy appeal.

FOUR (4) System & MESH Eye Colors.
TWO (2) Under Eye Makeups (85% & 100% Opacities).

Slink Mesh Hand Nail Applier with FOUR (4) color variants.

Let your delusions seep through for just 169L$~

Visit The Body Mod Expo~


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