Lovely Disarray @ Fashion Fair 2015.

For Fashion Fair I created two new exclusives. It’ll be open to the public from 2/1/2015  –  2/28/2015.
There are about 100 designers participating in this fair, making it a pretty big gathering of talents from across the SL grid.
I hope you’ll be able to make your way there & have a look around this venue.

Guardians Wing
Unisex Cosmetic // TMP Installer Only

Includes a Left & Right version of this cosmetic in both Black & Red colors.
4 types of cosmetic applications in total.


Mistress Eyeliners
System + TMP Installers

This set of eyeliners includes two styles: Pointed & Angular.
A simple version & a version with Lumi (Luminescence) which adds a touch of shine to the inner & lower lid, for a more feminine look.
4 versions in total.


The Lovely Disarray booth can be located in the south/Southeast direction of the map,
from the landing point entrance.

Fashion Fair 2015

Fashion Fair 2015


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