New Exclusives @ Totally Top Self Anniversary!

Today is August 1st which marks the anniversary of Totally Top Self. For the occasion the event was given a royals theme. TTS is a bi-monthly event which brings you creations at a discounted price for the duration of the event. There’s great list of designers & even some gacha machines out for those who enjoy to try their luck.

For this event I created two new cosmetic sets; one is more feminine, while the other sex is unisex. You can actually mix & match the two sets with interesting results.

Gilded Eye Shadows

Show off your wealth with these glamorous eye shadows~
Although these are more for the ladies, these also look good on men who are daring & going for that avantgarde look.
■ Includes:
Six (6) Eye Shadows in System Layers (Tattoo)
System Layers Only!

Forgotten Nobility (Unisex)

Somber yet beautifully elegant. Although you may have been forgotten, that doesn’t mean you can’t look lovely~
This is a massive set which consists of; eye makeup, lip stain designs & Applier HUDs for Loud Mouth (Unisex) & SweetLips.
I placed this set out @ 20% off for the duration of the event.
■ Includes:
One (1) Unisex Loud Mouth Applier HUD, One (1) [PXL] SweetLips Applier HUD
One (1) Female Eyebrows Shaper (Modifiable), One (1) Female Eyebrows Shaper (Modifiable)
Five (5) Complete Layers (Tattoo System Layer)
Five (5) Separate Lip Layers (Tattoo System Layer)
Five (5) Separate Eye Makeup Layers (Tattoo System Layer)
Fifteen (15) Layers in total!

TTS Royals Theme

I hope you can come by this event & check out all of the offerings each designer has created.

Totally Top Shelf



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