Crazed Usagi Eyes @ The Kawaii Project!

This months round at KP is Designers Choice, a fitting theme for me to return from my hiatus with something new~

Display your crazed bunny side with these unique original eyes. You’re free to mix & match colors & go crazy.
You can make yourself look rather demented by editing your eye opening slightly larger than your usual shape. Another option is keeping your eye opening as is or making it smaller for a more neutral look with these eyes. Whichever you prefer, it’s up to you!

Each set comes complete with system & mesh eyes in two cool colors to mix & match.
Also included are optional add-on glow enhancers which give off a soft luminescent glow.


Each Set Includes:
Two (2) System Eyes.
Four (4) Mesh Eye Balls.
Two (2) Optional Add-On Glow Enhancers.

Mesh Eyes : Copy/Mod/No Trans.
System Eyes : Copy/No Trans.

Also while at Kawaii Project don’t forget to check out the Quirky booth for the
Bitch, Call me Cotton Tail
set that goes along with my eyes~!

The Kawaii Project : Round 19!

July 15th – August 10th



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