Lovely Disarray @ The Chapter Four

The Chapter Four
June 4th – July 1st
Located in the 2×1 Room

Are you that kind of person who who has a little deviant cattitude? Well then, this cat themed headband is for you!
I created these sassy yet cute leather cat headbands with an anodized color effect. The headband also features some screws which hold the cat ears onto the headband with some added support. They will be sold in color sets of two, but a Gluttony Package is also available if you happen to like all of the colors.

Deviant Koneko Headband
Un-rigged Mesh Accessory

● Color Sets Include:
– Two (2) colored headbands featuring cat ears.
– One (1) HUD for screw color options (5 colors)

Color set Names:
Delicate (Milk + Rose Bud)
Anodize (Chrome + Cerulean)
Afterglow (Dusk + Mauve)
Darkened (Onyx + Blood)

● Gluttony Package Includes:
– One (1) Original Mesh Headband featuring cat ears.
– Two (2) HUDs: One for headband color options (8 colors)
+ One for screw color options (5 colors).

Mesh permissions are: COPY, MOD, NO TRANSFER

The Chapter Four

June 4th – July 1st

<3 Astrexia


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