Lovely Disarray @ Kawaii Project

Kawaii Project
Theme : Rococo QT
December 20th @ 12am – January 15th @ 11:59pm

Have a sty in your eye? Maybe you woke up with pink eye!?
Perhaps you simply like looking like an elegant bad-ass~
My Opulent Eyepatch includes a HUD to control many of its components colors as you see fit. Mix & match colors, or keep it uniform, it’s up to you.
There are five color options for every separate part which include; Straps & Heart Border, Heart (front), Baroque Metals & Pearls.

Lovely Disarray – The Opulent Eyepatch [Unisex]

One (1) – Original Mesh Eyepatch w/ Resizing Script (C, M, NT)
*Materials Enabled*
*Note: The Eyepatch is un-rigged so you can modify the size manually in edit mode or use the script by clicking the collar.

One (1) – HUD – For Color Options
Five (5) For each section:
5 Strap & Heart Boorder Colors
5 Heart (front) Colors
5 Baroque Metals
5 Peal Colors

Its permissions are: COPY, MOD, NO TRANSFER.

Kawaii Project

The Opulent Eyepatch [Teaser]


Lovely Disarray @ Suicide Dollz

Suicide Dollz
December 4th – December 15th

Ready to display your fearless sprit? Your eager anticipation of battle? Well then this is just the set for you~

Lovely Disarray – Battle Ready Warpaint [Unisex]

– One (1) – Catwa Mesh Head Applier HUD
Contains ALL eight (8) options of complete combinations & separates.

– Eight (8) – System Tattoo Layers
3 Complete Layers
5 Separates to mix n match.

*CATWA Mesh Head users: This makeup will be applied to; eyebrows, eye-shadow, blush and/or Lipstick slots on Catwa Mesh Heads. It will replace/remove any existing applied add-ons in those areas.

Its permissions are: COPY, NO MOD, NO TRANS.

Suicide Dollz

[Battle Ready Warpaint Makeup Set – Teaser]


Lovely Disarray @ Kawaii Project : November Round

Event opens: November 20th @ 12am
Event ends: December 15th @ 11:59pm

This round of Kawaii Project is Designers Choice, so we were free to create what we’d like as our exclusive item.
I decided to make a new collar with intricate detail. I didn’t want to release JUST the collar along, I wanted to add an extra element to the set. I created a chest scarification, it can be worn in combination with the collar, or not. It’s your choice as to how you decide to use each piece.

Lovely Disarray – Perverse Collar + Scarification Set


One (1) – Original Mesh Collar w/ Resizing Script
One (1) – HUD – For Collar & Metal Color Options
Four color options for the leather & Four color options for the metals.
One (1) – Meow Scarification – OMEGA Applier
One (1) – Meow Scarification – TMP Installer (Unisex)

Note: The collar is un-rigged so you can modify the size manually in edit mode or use the script by clicking the collar.

Collar permissions are: COPY, MOD, NO TRANS.

Available @:

Kawaii Project

A Lovely and Quirky Disarray @ Geeks’n’Nerds

A Quirky & Lovely Disarray collaboration for Geeks N Nerds.
we bring you the

Pixels and Trinkets Gacha

Three Rares:
8-bit Heart Necklace
8-bit Hair Bow
8-bit Glasses
Each RARE comes with a color change HUD.

20 Common Pins to trade & collect~!

The Quirky booth can be located in-between the E & SE area of the map near the back.
We hope you come by to check out the amazing build
try your luck at our gacha~

Don’t miss your chance to geek out!
October 22 – November 5th


Astrexia & Glitch

Lovely Disarray @ The Kawaii Project : Occult Theme

Event opens: October 20th @ 12am
Event ends: November 15th @ 11:59pm

The Kawaii Project opens it’s doors once again after a month break!
The newly revamped Kawaii Project will be back for all of your spell binding kawaii needs~
Please come by to check out the new space for this months occult theme.

Leviathan : Headband
(Mesh Accessory)

– One (1) Original Mesh Headband featuring devil horns.
– One (1) HUD containing Four (4) headband color options
+ Four (4) metal option for the studs.

Its permissions are: COPY, MOD, NO TRANS.

Cursed Hands : Hand Paint & Nails [Unisex]

This set is composed of 4 color options of hand paint in; Soot (Black), Sin (Blood Red), Snow (White) & Sepia (Grey).

Hand Paint/Tattoo:
– One (1) Slink Mesh Hand Applier
– One (1) TMP Installer
– Four (4) OMEGA Appliers
– One (1) Maitreya Applier**

**NOTE: Maitreya Lara hands currently do not have a hand tattoo option, which is why it will appear as a glove. The texture will hover over the nails & tips of the fingers.
Still I provided an applier, for those who still would like to use it regardless of this fact.

*All mesh hands shown in AD/Vendor are Slink Female & Male Mesh Hands.*
This hand paint/tattoo is BEST SUITED for Slink & TMP hands~

Nail Polish:
– One (1) Slink Nail HUD
– One (1) Maitreya Nail HUD
– One (1) OMEGA Nail HUD
NOTE: TMP does not have a nail installer available at this time.

Its permissions are: COPY, NO MOD, NO TRANS.

The Kawaii Project

<3 Astrexia

Lovely Disarray @ Cosmetic Fair Sep 15-30th~

Lovely Disarray
Cosmetic Fair : September  15th – 30th
Theme : Tokyo Fashion – Street Style
Opening @ 1PM SL time!

Sick Radiance Makeup Set


A massive set I created for this months theme @ Cosmetic Fair.
I worked really on them SO I hope you like them~

System Layers
Appliers sold separately: CATWA | TMP

System Layers Include:
4 (Four) – Side A Styles
4 (Four) – Side B Styles
8 (Eight) – System Layers (Tattoo Layers) in total
Options with & without facial blush

CATWA Appliers Includes:
2 (Two) – Catwa Appliers with 4 Variations each:
4 (Four) – Side A styles
4 (Four) – Side B styles
CATWA Applier (Vendor)

TMP Installer Includes:
2 (Two) Installers with 2 Variations each:
2 (Two) Side A styles
2 (Two) Side B styles
**Blush is NOT available for this makeup on TMP.**
TMP Installer (Vendor)

System Layers permissions are: COPY, MOD, NO TRANS.
Appliers/Installers permissions are: COPY, NO MOD, NO TRANS.

Axiom Collar [Unisex]


This is my very first mesh creation~! I’m excited & also nervous to release it.
Everyone has to start somewhere. I hope you enjoy these as well~

One (1) – Mesh Axiom Collar (W/ Neck Fix)
One (1) – Mesh Axiom Collar (Regular)
One (1) – HUD (Color & metal options.)
 *Collars have a re-sizer script, click it to activate it~*
*Materials ready!*

Available in Color Packs of 2 OR
Gluttony Package which contains all color options in HUD.

Its permissions are: COPY, NO MOD, NO TRANS.

Cosmetic Fair

<3 Astrexia Chrome

Crazed Usagi Eyes @ The Kawaii Project!

This months round at KP is Designers Choice, a fitting theme for me to return from my hiatus with something new~

Display your crazed bunny side with these unique original eyes. You’re free to mix & match colors & go crazy.
You can make yourself look rather demented by editing your eye opening slightly larger than your usual shape. Another option is keeping your eye opening as is or making it smaller for a more neutral look with these eyes. Whichever you prefer, it’s up to you!

Each set comes complete with system & mesh eyes in two cool colors to mix & match.
Also included are optional add-on glow enhancers which give off a soft luminescent glow.


Each Set Includes:
Two (2) System Eyes.
Four (4) Mesh Eye Balls.
Two (2) Optional Add-On Glow Enhancers.

Mesh Eyes : Copy/Mod/No Trans.
System Eyes : Copy/No Trans.

Also while at Kawaii Project don’t forget to check out the Quirky booth for the
Bitch, Call me Cotton Tail
set that goes along with my eyes~!

The Kawaii Project : Round 19!

July 15th – August 10th