Lovely Disarray @ The Kawaii Project

The Kawaii Project
Theme: Erokawa
February 20th – March 15th

 I created this to be a complimentary makeup set for Quirky’s Pom Pom Set which is also available in this round of Kawaii Project~
With this set of makeup you can show off that you’re a cute cuddly bear~ Show your loved one that you have an animalistic yet cute side!

Beary Charming : Makeup Set (Catwa)

One (1) – CATWA Makeup Applier HUD
Two Complete Styles : With Blush, No Blush.
Two Separate Styles : Eye Liner + Eyeshadow, Muzzle Only.

NO system Layers included!
Its permissions are: COPY, NO MOD, NO TRANSFER

The Kawaii Project


Lovely Disarray @ Suicide Dollz

Suicide Dollz
December 4th – December 15th

Ready to display your fearless sprit? Your eager anticipation of battle? Well then this is just the set for you~

Lovely Disarray – Battle Ready Warpaint [Unisex]

– One (1) – Catwa Mesh Head Applier HUD
Contains ALL eight (8) options of complete combinations & separates.

– Eight (8) – System Tattoo Layers
3 Complete Layers
5 Separates to mix n match.

*CATWA Mesh Head users: This makeup will be applied to; eyebrows, eye-shadow, blush and/or Lipstick slots on Catwa Mesh Heads. It will replace/remove any existing applied add-ons in those areas.

Its permissions are: COPY, NO MOD, NO TRANS.

Suicide Dollz

[Battle Ready Warpaint Makeup Set – Teaser]


A Lovely and Quirky Disarray @ Geeks’n’Nerds

A Quirky & Lovely Disarray collaboration for Geeks N Nerds.
we bring you the

Pixels and Trinkets Gacha

Three Rares:
8-bit Heart Necklace
8-bit Hair Bow
8-bit Glasses
Each RARE comes with a color change HUD.

20 Common Pins to trade & collect~!

The Quirky booth can be located in-between the E & SE area of the map near the back.
We hope you come by to check out the amazing build
try your luck at our gacha~

Don’t miss your chance to geek out!
October 22 – November 5th


Astrexia & Glitch

Lovely Disarray @ Cosmetic Fair Sep 15-30th~

Lovely Disarray
Cosmetic Fair : September  15th – 30th
Theme : Tokyo Fashion – Street Style
Opening @ 1PM SL time!

Sick Radiance Makeup Set


A massive set I created for this months theme @ Cosmetic Fair.
I worked really on them SO I hope you like them~

System Layers
Appliers sold separately: CATWA | TMP

System Layers Include:
4 (Four) – Side A Styles
4 (Four) – Side B Styles
8 (Eight) – System Layers (Tattoo Layers) in total
Options with & without facial blush

CATWA Appliers Includes:
2 (Two) – Catwa Appliers with 4 Variations each:
4 (Four) – Side A styles
4 (Four) – Side B styles
CATWA Applier (Vendor)

TMP Installer Includes:
2 (Two) Installers with 2 Variations each:
2 (Two) Side A styles
2 (Two) Side B styles
**Blush is NOT available for this makeup on TMP.**
TMP Installer (Vendor)

System Layers permissions are: COPY, MOD, NO TRANS.
Appliers/Installers permissions are: COPY, NO MOD, NO TRANS.

Axiom Collar [Unisex]


This is my very first mesh creation~! I’m excited & also nervous to release it.
Everyone has to start somewhere. I hope you enjoy these as well~

One (1) – Mesh Axiom Collar (W/ Neck Fix)
One (1) – Mesh Axiom Collar (Regular)
One (1) – HUD (Color & metal options.)
 *Collars have a re-sizer script, click it to activate it~*
*Materials ready!*

Available in Color Packs of 2 OR
Gluttony Package which contains all color options in HUD.

Its permissions are: COPY, NO MOD, NO TRANS.

Cosmetic Fair

<3 Astrexia Chrome

Quirky x Astrexia Chrome @ Manga Fair

Manga Fair
July 19th – August 9th
Sim opens to the public @ 12 AM SLT

Glitch Grantham of Quirky & myself collaborated to create something for Manga Fair.
After much thought we decided on a set of Horns & Wings inspired by the character Dead Master of BRS (Black Rock Shooter). Along with the Reaper Set I created a damaged back wound tattoo to go be used in conjunction with the wings. It adds something a little something different than what’s simply expected.

The mesh wings & horns are also unrigged so you can modify the position & such as you like.

Quirky – Reaper Set

There are four colors to choose from; Bone, Midnight, Green & Purple.

Each Set Includes:
Damaged Back wound with; Slink, Belleza, Maitreya & Omega Appliers.
(Unisex TMP Tattoo Installer is available for free, under the the Manga Fair Exclusive Sign in the Quirky booth.)
TMP Installer

At Manga Fair you’ll find a large assortment of; Clothing, Accessories, Add-ons,
Appliers, Mods for M3/Kemono & much more!
There’s even two sections for all of you Gacha players.

Landing Point

Quiky Booth

Lovely Disarray @ Fashion Fair 2015.

For Fashion Fair I created two new exclusives. It’ll be open to the public from 2/1/2015  –  2/28/2015.
There are about 100 designers participating in this fair, making it a pretty big gathering of talents from across the SL grid.
I hope you’ll be able to make your way there & have a look around this venue.

Guardians Wing
Unisex Cosmetic // TMP Installer Only

Includes a Left & Right version of this cosmetic in both Black & Red colors.
4 types of cosmetic applications in total.


Mistress Eyeliners
System + TMP Installers

This set of eyeliners includes two styles: Pointed & Angular.
A simple version & a version with Lumi (Luminescence) which adds a touch of shine to the inner & lower lid, for a more feminine look.
4 versions in total.


The Lovely Disarray booth can be located in the south/Southeast direction of the map,
from the landing point entrance.

Fashion Fair 2015

Fashion Fair 2015

Lovely Disarray – Blistering Cold Group Gift

This year for Christmas I wanted to make a cute little gift for my VIP/Update group in-world.
I wanted to make this post when I released it in the group on Christmas Eve but I was behind schedule due to PC problems & I had to leave out of town the same day. So here I am now to show off my unisex Blistering Cold G.G. to you~

2 Complete layers.
(Shown on the models; Left is Complete [No Freckles],
Right is wearing Complete, which shows the freckles.)

4 Separates to wear how you please.
Eye Liner, Eye Liner + Shadow, Freckles, Facial Redness.
6 Layers in total.

Search in-world for:
Lovely Disarray : Update Group
OR copy & paste this in nearby chat:

What’s this group?
It’s a dual purpose group. A VIP & Update group all in one. You get updates on new items, sales, group gifts & other good stuff.
25L fee to join.

I know I’m a little late with this, but… I hope you all had a great Christmas~