Lovely Disarray @ BodyFy

June 8th – June 24th

Aeternum Vale is a body tattoo set featuring sunken and protruding bone detail on the hands, arms, chest, back and legs.
It also includes bruising, healing scars, fresh scrapes and cuts.

Maitreya + Unisex Omega Appliers

One – Maitreya Applier
One – Omega Applier (Unisex)

Each Applier HUD contains the following three options;
Fresh Complete (Red Hue), Mortis Complete (Black Hue) + Injured Body (Separate).

No system Layers included.
Permissions are: COPY, NO MOD, NO TRANSFER.

(New Location)

<3 Astrexia

Lovely Disarray @ BodyFy 2nd Anniversary Round

Bodyfy Event
2nd Anniversary
April 8th – April 24th

Today is the 2nd Anniversary round of BodyFy. I created two new releases for the event, as well as a free gift for the occasion.
I hope you come by and check out everyone’s body mod creations.

One – Pair of glowing Mesh Horns *Materials Enabled*
One – Controller HUD with color options.
HUD Contains eight (8) color options to choose from~

– Catwa Applier HUD
One – Omega Applier HUD

Each applier HUD contains thirteen (13) options to choose from. These are fully unisex & will work on either gender of mesh head, Catwa or Omega compatible.

NOTE on Makeup Appliers:
This applier set will REMOVE/REPLACE any applied layers if you have any on your; Brows, Eye Shadow, Blush slots and/or lip layers.
Arrange your eyebrow and lipstick layers to UPPER if you want to make use of multiple layers.

Bodyfy 2nd Anniversary GIFT

One – Omega Applier HUD
With three irritation levels.
Options: Soft, Mild and Harsh Irritation.

Note on Omega Applier:
This will apply the texture to each set of mesh Omega compatible hands somewhat differently. The UVs differ slightly, so it’s not going to look exactly the same of every pair of hand.

April 8th – April 24th