Halcyon Glow Makeup Set @ Whimsical.

Whimsical. an Inspired Event
Event opens: May 18th
Ends: June 18th

I wanted to create a very ethereal makeup set with many elements, specifically golden veins running down the face. it’s everything I had imagined and I’m excited to share it with you all. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed creating it~

One – Catwa Applier HUD
One – Omega Applier HUD

Each HUD contains 8 makeup Variations in red and orange, and 4 lip stains.
12 options in total.

No system Layers included.
Permissions are: COPY, NO MOD, NO TRANSFER.

Visit Whimsical
an Inspired Event

<3 Astrexia


Lovely Disarray @ BodyFy 2nd Anniversary Round

Bodyfy Event
2nd Anniversary
April 8th – April 24th

Today is the 2nd Anniversary round of BodyFy. I created two new releases for the event, as well as a free gift for the occasion.
I hope you come by and check out everyone’s body mod creations.

One – Pair of glowing Mesh Horns *Materials Enabled*
One – Controller HUD with color options.
HUD Contains eight (8) color options to choose from~

– Catwa Applier HUD
One – Omega Applier HUD

Each applier HUD contains thirteen (13) options to choose from. These are fully unisex & will work on either gender of mesh head, Catwa or Omega compatible.

NOTE on Makeup Appliers:
This applier set will REMOVE/REPLACE any applied layers if you have any on your; Brows, Eye Shadow, Blush slots and/or lip layers.
Arrange your eyebrow and lipstick layers to UPPER if you want to make use of multiple layers.

Bodyfy 2nd Anniversary GIFT

One – Omega Applier HUD
With three irritation levels.
Options: Soft, Mild and Harsh Irritation.

Note on Omega Applier:
This will apply the texture to each set of mesh Omega compatible hands somewhat differently. The UVs differ slightly, so it’s not going to look exactly the same of every pair of hand.

April 8th – April 24th

Lovely Disarray – Pestilence Reborn (2018 GG)

I’ve made a new group gift for you all. This is renewed take on a old group gift I originally created the year I opened my store back in 2013 (see here). I’ve changed a lot of it compared to the original, but I wanted it to have the same overall style.
It’s fun to recreate my older work, as I can see the difference in my work over the years and how I’ve improved in ways. I’m looking forward to the challenge of continuing to re-create some older release in the future.

Two (2) – Catwa Appliers | Male + Female Versions
Two (2) – Omega Appliers | Male + Female Versions

How do I get it?
Search in-world for: ‘Lovely Disarray Update Group’
Join Fee: 65L

<3 Astrexia

Lovely Disarray – Blistering Cold (GG 2018)

I’ve finally renewed an old group gift to fit Catwa & Omega friendly mesh heads~!
It took me much longer to re-create this makeup than I thought, but I’m happy that I took my time because I like the final result even more than the original set.
Another group gift is being worked on and it’ll be released in a week or two. Be sure to join the group in-world if you haven’t already so you don’t miss anything.

This cosmetic set of facial blush, Irritated eye bags, and optional soft freckles looks delicate on Albino-Fair skin tones. When applied to Medium-Deep skin tones it looks vibrant yet elegant. It gives that look of being kissed by the harsh winds of winter. It’s also Unisex.
I hope you enjoy this GG~

One (1) – Catwa Applier HUD
One (1) – Omega Applier HUD

How do I get it?
Search in-world for: ‘Lovely Disarray Update Group’
OR copy & paste the following in nearby chat:
Join Fee: 65L

<3 Astrexia

Quirky x Lovely Disarray @ Rewind

Theme: 70’s Punk
August 10th – September 10th

Glitch of Quirky & myself teamed up in a collaborative project for this round of Rewind!
We decided to make accessories & makeup set that are combined, so the list of things is pretty extensive.
There are four sets of makeup (Catwa ONLY) & accessory combinations, as well as a mega-pack version which will be discounted.

Un-rigged Mesh Accessories + Makeup Sets

Anarchy Set :
Spiked O-ring Choker + Fearless Feline Eye Makeup

Defiant Set :
Chained Choker + Toxxxic Eye Makeup

Rebel Set :
Spike/Pyramid Spike Bracelets + Loud Contour

Attitude Set :
Belted Cuffs + Rebellious Lipsticks

Mega-pack :
“Mom, it’s NOT a phase” pack

Includes exclusive makeup variant set

Each set includes an accessory as well as an accompanying makeup set which is compatible with Catwa female mesh heads.
Each mesh accessory comes complete with a HUD with color customizing options.

Rewind : 70’s Punk

Astrexia + Glitch

Lovely Disarray @ Somber!

July 13th – August 6th

Somber is open for its second round for all of your gloomy needs.
This time around I’m participating as a sponsor for the duration of the event.
I created two new exclusives~

One (1) – Catwa Applier HUD
One (1) – Omega Applier HUD

Each Applier contains four (4) color versions with Eye Shadow + Eye-bags + four (4) color versions of eye-bags only.
Eight (8) styles in total!

No System Layers included.

One (1) – Catwa Applier HUD (Unisex)
One (1) – Omega Applier HUD (Unisex)

Each Applier HUD includes four (4) soiled lip options with a hint of color.
Can be further modified in opacity with your mesh head master HUD to suit different lip tones.

No System Layers included.


<3 Astrexia

Lovely Disarray @ The Kawaii Project

The Kawaii Project
June 20th – July 15th
Theme: Sweet Summer

It’s getting really hot these days, don’t let the damaging UVs stop you from looking different than the rest.
These fun sunscreen warpaint designs for your face and body will set you apart from those who just put on sun screen the normal way~

Unisex | Catwa + Omega (Face & Body Applier Set)

One (1) – Catwa Unisex Applier HUD (Face)
One (1) – Omega Unisex Appler HUD (Face)
One (1) – Omega Unisex Appler HUD (Body)

Two opacity versions for each type, 100% & 70%.

Note on Makeup Applier:
This applier set WILL REMOVE/REPLACE any applied layers if you have any on your; Eyeshadow, Blush and/or Brows slots.

NO system Layers included!
Permissions are: COPY, NO MOD, NO TRANSFER

The Kawaii Project

June 20th – July 15th

<3 Astrexia