Halcyon Glow Makeup Set @ Whimsical.

Whimsical. an Inspired Event
Event opens: May 18th
Ends: June 18th

I wanted to create a very ethereal makeup set with many elements, specifically golden veins running down the face. it’s everything I had imagined and I’m excited to share it with you all. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed creating it~

One – Catwa Applier HUD
One – Omega Applier HUD

Each HUD contains 8 makeup Variations in red and orange, and 4 lip stains.
12 options in total.

No system Layers included.
Permissions are: COPY, NO MOD, NO TRANSFER.

Visit Whimsical
an Inspired Event

<3 Astrexia


Lovely Disarray @ Skin Fair 2017

Skin Fair 2017
March 10th – March 26th

Lovely Disarray – The Occultist Makeup Set
(Catwa Exclusive)

One (1) – Catwa Makeup Applier
Includes six (6) makeup style to choose from.

One (1) – Catwa Eyelash Applier
White (Tintable) & Black options.

Makeup Applier – If you use either the Complete OR Separate styles it WILL REMOVE/REPLACE any applied layers if you have any on your; eye-shadow, blush & lip slots.

NO system Layers included.

The Agitator Eyebrows

– One (1) Catwa Applier HUD
– One (1) Omega Applier HUD
– One (1) Eyebrows Shaper
which you can modify to fit your desired look.

Each HUD contains eight (8) color options.
Colors included:
Black, Grey (Tintable), White (Tintable), Blonde, Light Blonde, Brown, Light Brown, Red.

NO system Layers included.

The Essential Eyebrows

– One (1) Catwa Applier HUD
– One (1) Omega Applier HUD
– One (1) Eyebrows Shaper
which you can modify to fit your desired look.

Each HUD contains eight (8) color options.
Colors included:
Black, Grey (Tintable), White (Tintable), Blonde, Light Blonde, Brown, Light Brown, Red.

NO system Layers included.

The Lovely Disarray stall can be located on SIM 2, in the SW area on the map.

Skin Fair 2017

Lovely Disarray @ Cosmetic Fair Sep 15-30th~

Lovely Disarray
Cosmetic Fair : September  15th – 30th
Theme : Tokyo Fashion – Street Style
Opening @ 1PM SL time!

Sick Radiance Makeup Set


A massive set I created for this months theme @ Cosmetic Fair.
I worked really on them SO I hope you like them~

System Layers
Appliers sold separately: CATWA | TMP

System Layers Include:
4 (Four) – Side A Styles
4 (Four) – Side B Styles
8 (Eight) – System Layers (Tattoo Layers) in total
Options with & without facial blush

CATWA Appliers Includes:
2 (Two) – Catwa Appliers with 4 Variations each:
4 (Four) – Side A styles
4 (Four) – Side B styles
CATWA Applier (Vendor)

TMP Installer Includes:
2 (Two) Installers with 2 Variations each:
2 (Two) Side A styles
2 (Two) Side B styles
**Blush is NOT available for this makeup on TMP.**
TMP Installer (Vendor)

System Layers permissions are: COPY, MOD, NO TRANS.
Appliers/Installers permissions are: COPY, NO MOD, NO TRANS.

Axiom Collar [Unisex]


This is my very first mesh creation~! I’m excited & also nervous to release it.
Everyone has to start somewhere. I hope you enjoy these as well~

One (1) – Mesh Axiom Collar (W/ Neck Fix)
One (1) – Mesh Axiom Collar (Regular)
One (1) – HUD (Color & metal options.)
 *Collars have a re-sizer script, click it to activate it~*
*Materials ready!*

Available in Color Packs of 2 OR
Gluttony Package which contains all color options in HUD.

Its permissions are: COPY, NO MOD, NO TRANS.

Cosmetic Fair

<3 Astrexia Chrome

Lovely Disarray @ The Kawaii Project~

Kawaii, you say? Yes, kawaii indeed.
The Kawaii Project is a new bi-monthly event featuring some of the best & awesome designers on the grid.
It’ll open to the public for shopping today Saturday, November 15th.

Personally I was a bit worried when I was getting into this, as those of you who know my brand see I don’t usually make very girly cosmetics. I also tend to stick to the dark & unisex route… but I enjoyed the challenge. I’m glad to be back with new things to share.

Below I’ll show my items that’ll be available @ the event with details about them.

Neo Geisha Concept

Available in three (3) colors; Red, Pastel Blue & Pink.

What each set will Include:
Two (2) – Complete Layers.
Five (5) – Separate Layers to wear as you please.

7 Layers in Total!

1 Loud Mouth Applier HUD
Which includes six (6) Lip Sticks.

More Info:
– PLEASE wear a hair base on TOP of the ‘Smeared Forehead Makeup’ for the best looking results.
– Lip Sticks are ONLY available to be used with Mesh Loud Mouth, of any style. No System Layers are available for the lips.


Iilumi Eye Shadows & Blush Set

Included in this set is:
Ten (10) – Eye Shadows with complimenting eye liners.
Three (3) – Pink Blushes.

13 Layers in Total!

I hope to see you at the 1st round of The Kawaii Project for all things adorable & whimsical.

You may view more info & even the shopping guide HERE.


The Kawaii Project

New Releases @ Lovely Disarray.

New Releases @ Lovely Disarray!

This set of Guyliner was made especially for the guys, but they fit just as well on female shapes.
There are four (4) eye liner designs included in this set for just 110L$!

The Articulated Knees Tights is the first of its kind for Lovely Disarray.
Along with the Solid & Sheer tights, there are *L.inc* Phat Azz Appliers included in this set.
This set of tights is available in-store for 150L$.
*The AD above displays the Articulated Knees Tights in the solid option.*


Astrexia Chrome
Lovely | Disarray

Last Day!

It’s the last day to catch the 20% OFF Sale


Lovely Disarray!

After the sale, some older items will only be available through the Marketplace Store. Some items may be gone for good.
I suggest you get what you want now before something terrible happens!

The sale items can be found on the left wall.

Astrexia Chrome

Back in Business!

Okay so I was never out of it… Just the in-world store was under construction for a while & stuff.
I’m so glad to be done with the new vendor images & everything new involving Lovely Disarray because, now I can focus on new cosmetics & tattoos to create.

To celebrate the reopening of Lovely Disarray I’ve temporarily marked down the prices of: The Geisha Concept & Wet Eye-shadows. For a limited time they’ll both be priced @ 170L$.

There is also a new release out at the store.
Many will recognize it from Cosmetics Fair Summer Edition, that’s right it’s The Ophidian!
Although this variation is a bit different. I wanted to keep the version my customers bought at Cosmetics Fair an exclusive.
The Ophidian : Glare is has different highlighting colors making it a bit brighter. There are also a lot more layers to it so you can mix & match with other cosmetics.

TP to Lovely Disarray

Astrexia Chrome