Lovely Disarray – Pestilence Reborn (2018 GG)

I’ve made a new group gift for you all. This is renewed take on a old group gift I originally created the year I opened my store back in 2013 (see here). I’ve changed a lot of it compared to the original, but I wanted it to have the same overall style.
It’s fun to recreate my older work, as I can see the difference in my work over the years and how I’ve improved in ways. I’m looking forward to the challenge of continuing to re-create some older release in the future.

Two (2) – Catwa Appliers | Male + Female Versions
Two (2) – Omega Appliers | Male + Female Versions

How do I get it?
Search in-world for: ‘Lovely Disarray Update Group’
Join Fee: 65L

<3 Astrexia

Lovely Disarray @ Somber!

July 13th – August 6th

Somber is open for its second round for all of your gloomy needs.
This time around I’m participating as a sponsor for the duration of the event.
I created two new exclusives~

One (1) – Catwa Applier HUD
One (1) – Omega Applier HUD

Each Applier contains four (4) color versions with Eye Shadow + Eye-bags + four (4) color versions of eye-bags only.
Eight (8) styles in total!

No System Layers included.

One (1) – Catwa Applier HUD (Unisex)
One (1) – Omega Applier HUD (Unisex)

Each Applier HUD includes four (4) soiled lip options with a hint of color.
Can be further modified in opacity with your mesh head master HUD to suit different lip tones.

No System Layers included.


<3 Astrexia

New Releases @ Lovely Disarray.

New Releases @ Lovely Disarray!

This set of Guyliner was made especially for the guys, but they fit just as well on female shapes.
There are four (4) eye liner designs included in this set for just 110L$!

The Articulated Knees Tights is the first of its kind for Lovely Disarray.
Along with the Solid & Sheer tights, there are ** Phat Azz Appliers included in this set.
This set of tights is available in-store for 150L$.
*The AD above displays the Articulated Knees Tights in the solid option.*


Astrexia Chrome
Lovely | Disarray