Lovely Disarray – Pestilence Reborn (2018 GG)

I’ve made a new group gift for you all. This is renewed take on a old group gift I originally created the year I opened my store back in 2013 (see here). I’ve changed a lot of it compared to the original, but I wanted it to have the same overall style.
It’s fun to recreate my older work, as I can see the difference in my work over the years and how I’ve improved in ways. I’m looking forward to the challenge of continuing to re-create some older release in the future.

Two (2) – Catwa Appliers | Male + Female Versions
Two (2) – Omega Appliers | Male + Female Versions

How do I get it?
Search in-world for: ‘Lovely Disarray Update Group’
Join Fee: 65L

<3 Astrexia

Lovely Disarray – Blistering Cold (GG 2018)

I’ve finally renewed an old group gift to fit Catwa & Omega friendly mesh heads~!
It took me much longer to re-create this makeup than I thought, but I’m happy that I took my time because I like the final result even more than the original set.
Another group gift is being worked on and it’ll be released in a week or two. Be sure to join the group in-world if you haven’t already so you don’t miss anything.

This cosmetic set of facial blush, Irritated eye bags, and optional soft freckles looks delicate on Albino-Fair skin tones. When applied to Medium-Deep skin tones it looks vibrant yet elegant. It gives that look of being kissed by the harsh winds of winter. It’s also Unisex.
I hope you enjoy this GG~

One (1) – Catwa Applier HUD
One (1) – Omega Applier HUD

How do I get it?
Search in-world for: ‘Lovely Disarray Update Group’
OR copy & paste the following in nearby chat:
Join Fee: 65L

<3 Astrexia

Lovely Disarray – Blistering Cold Group Gift

This year for Christmas I wanted to make a cute little gift for my VIP/Update group in-world.
I wanted to make this post when I released it in the group on Christmas Eve but I was behind schedule due to PC problems & I had to leave out of town the same day. So here I am now to show off my unisex Blistering Cold G.G. to you~

2 Complete layers.
(Shown on the models; Left is Complete [No Freckles],
Right is wearing Complete, which shows the freckles.)

4 Separates to wear how you please.
Eye Liner, Eye Liner + Shadow, Freckles, Facial Redness.
6 Layers in total.

Search in-world for:
Lovely Disarray : Update Group
OR copy & paste this in nearby chat:

What’s this group?
It’s a dual purpose group. A VIP & Update group all in one. You get updates on new items, sales, group gifts & other good stuff.
25L fee to join.

I know I’m a little late with this, but… I hope you all had a great Christmas~


Group Gift @ Lovely Disarray~

I have been getting a lot of questions about the Destruction of Life set I made for the AOME Hunt (April 1st-13th 2014) after it ended.

Some people wanted to buy it from me directly, others asked when I’d release it & told me they really wanted it.
I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with it for a while. At first I thought I would discontinue it as I’ve done with previous hunt items… But then I took into consideration how short this hunt lasted & decided to then just make it available as a Group Gift for the Update Group.
So it’s now available for those who are member for the Lovely Disarray Update Group!

I’m glad that sooo many of you enjoyed the item while it was available for the hunt!
If you missed the chance to get it before, now you can get it as a G.G. at the main store.


Astrexia Chrome

Pestilence Halloween Group Gift @ Lovely Disarray.

I made a new group gift for Halloween~
Pestilence is a unisex makeup application, so everyone can enjoy it!

To join the Lovely Disarray : Update Group, head over the the main-store & click
on the Group Joiner board.

There is a small fee to join of 25L$.

Lovely Disarray