Lovely Disarray @ The Kawaii Project

The Kawaii Project
April 20th – May 15th
Theme: Spring School

These translucent glasses are a new take on your classic reading specs. This set includes two different sizes of glasses (male & female size) as well as a HUD which includes 10 color options to choose from. They’re un-rigged so they can be easily modified to for your avatar as you like. Put them over your head, or use them to read a good book~

Unisex | Un-rigged Mesh Accessory

Purchase Includes:
One (1) – Original Mesh Pair of Glasses (Un-Rigged)
One (1) – HUD to control the color of the frames
Includes ten (10) color options~

These glasses are un-rigged, so you can easily modify them to fit your face. You can use the re-sizer that comes included in the item, or do it manually if you like.

Its permissions are: COPY, MOD, NO TRANSFER.

The Kawaii Project


Lovely Disarray @ Kawaii Project

Kawaii Project
Theme : Rococo QT
December 20th @ 12am – January 15th @ 11:59pm

Have a sty in your eye? Maybe you woke up with pink eye!?
Perhaps you simply like looking like an elegant bad-ass~
My Opulent Eyepatch includes a HUD to control many of its components colors as you see fit. Mix & match colors, or keep it uniform, it’s up to you.
There are five color options for every separate part which include; Straps & Heart Border, Heart (front), Baroque Metals & Pearls.

Lovely Disarray – The Opulent Eyepatch [Unisex]

One (1) – Original Mesh Eyepatch w/ Resizing Script (C, M, NT)
*Materials Enabled*
*Note: The Eyepatch is un-rigged so you can modify the size manually in edit mode or use the script by clicking the collar.

One (1) – HUD – For Color Options
Five (5) For each section:
5 Strap & Heart Boorder Colors
5 Heart (front) Colors
5 Baroque Metals
5 Peal Colors

Its permissions are: COPY, MOD, NO TRANSFER.

Kawaii Project

The Opulent Eyepatch [Teaser]