Lovely Disarray @ Somber

June 13th – July 6th

I’m glad to be apart of a new monthly event which caters to those who are dark at heart.
So excited I ended up making two new items for the first round of Somber~

One (1) – Unisex Catwa Applier HUD
Eight (8) – Facial Scar Opacities (4 Tones / 2 styles for each)

One (1) – Unisex Omega Applier HUD
Eight (8) – Facial Scar Opacities (4 Tones / 2 styles for each)

Eight (8) System Layers Included (C, M, NT)

//Tone Info
Scar tones: Faded, Light, Medium, Dark.

-Faded + Light scar tones are best for; Albino, Pale, Light & light medium skin tones.
-Medium + Dark scar tones are best for; Tan, Medium Brown & some darker skin tones.
You can further MODIFY the color (tint) using the Master HUD for your mesh head! Making it versatile for any skin tone.

Note on Makeup Applier:
This applier set WILL REMOVE/REPLACE any applied layers if you have any on your; Brows, Eye-shadow and Blush slots.

One (1) – OMEGA Applier HUD
Five (5) Color options, Two (2) opacities for each. (100% + 50%)
Ten (10) options total!

NO System Layers.

Note on Omega Applier:
This will apply the texture to each set of mesh Omega compatible hands somewhat differently. The UVs differ slightly, so it’s not going to look exactly the same on every pair of hands.
*BEST SUITED for Slink + Vista hands*
Maitreya hands do not have a hand tattoo option available & will apply as a glove.


Event Website

June 13th – July 6th

<3 Astrexia