Lovely Disarray – Pestilence Reborn (2018 GG)

I’ve made a new group gift for you all. This is renewed take on a old group gift I originally created the year I opened my store back in 2013 (see here). I’ve changed a lot of it compared to the original, but I wanted it to have the same overall style.
It’s fun to recreate my older work, as I can see the difference in my work over the years and how I’ve improved in ways. I’m looking forward to the challenge of continuing to re-create some older release in the future.

Two (2) – Catwa Appliers | Male + Female Versions
Two (2) – Omega Appliers | Male + Female Versions

How do I get it?
Search in-world for: ‘Lovely Disarray Update Group’
Join Fee: 65L

<3 Astrexia

Pestilence Halloween Group Gift @ Lovely Disarray.

I made a new group gift for Halloween~
Pestilence is a unisex makeup application, so everyone can enjoy it!

To join the Lovely Disarray : Update Group, head over the the main-store & click
on the Group Joiner board.

There is a small fee to join of 25L$.

Lovely Disarray