Thrashed Knees @ N21

May 21st – June 12th

Love your knees all banged up…?
Maybe even with some blood!? Well, this set of Thrashed Knees might just be right up your ally. Have a look at the eight options to choose from and have fun incorporating them into your looks.


One – Maitreya Applier
One – Omega Applier (Unisex)

Each HUD includes eight options to choose from~

Its permissions are; COPY,MOD, NO TRANSFER.

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May 21st – June 12th

Lovely Disarray @ The Kawaii Project : Occult Theme

Event opens: October 20th @ 12am
Event ends: November 15th @ 11:59pm

The Kawaii Project opens it’s doors once again after a month break!
The newly revamped Kawaii Project will be back for all of your spell binding kawaii needs~
Please come by to check out the new space for this months occult theme.

Leviathan : Headband
(Mesh Accessory)

– One (1) Original Mesh Headband featuring devil horns.
– One (1) HUD containing Four (4) headband color options
+ Four (4) metal option for the studs.

Its permissions are: COPY, MOD, NO TRANS.

Cursed Hands : Hand Paint & Nails [Unisex]

This set is composed of 4 color options of hand paint in; Soot (Black), Sin (Blood Red), Snow (White) & Sepia (Grey).

Hand Paint/Tattoo:
– One (1) Slink Mesh Hand Applier
– One (1) TMP Installer
– Four (4) OMEGA Appliers
– One (1) Maitreya Applier**

**NOTE: Maitreya Lara hands currently do not have a hand tattoo option, which is why it will appear as a glove. The texture will hover over the nails & tips of the fingers.
Still I provided an applier, for those who still would like to use it regardless of this fact.

*All mesh hands shown in AD/Vendor are Slink Female & Male Mesh Hands.*
This hand paint/tattoo is BEST SUITED for Slink & TMP hands~

Nail Polish:
– One (1) Slink Nail HUD
– One (1) Maitreya Nail HUD
– One (1) OMEGA Nail HUD
NOTE: TMP does not have a nail installer available at this time.

Its permissions are: COPY, NO MOD, NO TRANS.

The Kawaii Project

<3 Astrexia

New Location = SALE!

Lovely Disarray has a new home~

A move was set in place last week & today I’m happy to say that I’ve moved all my things to the new location. On this new area you’ll be able to find Anatomy & Cool Story Bro as in the previous setup.
There are also two rental shops available if anyone is interested in joining us.

In the next following weeks I’ll be working on new releases & also learning to make certain appliers for some of my makeups.
More details on the appliers will be shared at a later time.

With this move I wanted to throw a little sale.
For the past month and a half I’ve been sick with a cold & a bad cough. I have a weak immune system & get sick very easily from season to season. I meant to start this sale on Sunday night but I became very ill & had no choice but to postpone it until now.

Details about the sale:
ALL of my older cosmetics will be priced at 50-100 Linden.
Once this sale ends all of my older cosmetics will be retired to the Marketplace to their full price, so get them while they’re cheap!
My more recent items will be marked down to 100-150 Linden.
New items on the “The Wall of New Stuff” are not on sale.

Starts: Now!
Ends: March 11th.

Visit the new home of:
Lovely Disarray, Anatomy & Cool Story, Bro.

Lovely Disarray : Exclusives @ Final Fantasy Festival~

Final Fantasy Festival is OPEN to the public!
It’s a shopping event you will definitely will not want to miss out on.  This event caters to Role Players & you guessed it, Final Fantasy VII!

I’ve made a total of four (4) exclusives for FFF.
There is also a collaboration piece with H.o.D. which is also an exclusive for Final Fantasy Festival.


Visions of Midgar : Eyes

MESH & System Eyes.

These eyes are available individually or as the Fatpack.
Each set of eyes also comes with an optional Eye Glow for added effect.
Available in seven (7) color options.


Children of Jenova : Eyes

MESH & System Eyes.

These eyes are available individually or as the Fatpack.
Each set of eyes also comes with an optional Eye Glow for added effect.
Available in seven (7) color options.


Geostigma Disease [Unisex]

The Geostigma Disease set is a Unisex Makeup & Tattoo set.
It’ll give you the appearance of having been in contact with the infected Jenova cells within the Lifestream.
Four (4) Complete Versions
Seven (7) Separate Layers
** Cute & Phat Azz Appliers


Reno Reloaded : Face Paint [Unisex]

The Reno Reloaded : Face Paint set includes just that, the face paint which is a part of the collaboration between Lovely Disarray & H.O.D.
There are Two (2) versions included, in black & red colors.
Four (4) Face Paint Tattoo Layers in total.


– .HoD. – & Lovely Disarray
Reno Reloaded MESH Facial Piercing & Face Paints

In the Fatpack version of the Reno Reloaded MESH Facial Piercing & Face Paints you will
get all twelve (12) metal color variations as well as the four (4) face paints Lovely Disarray has created to compliment this piecing set.
Each metal set will include a left & right version. Wear them as they are or mix & match them how you choose.

The mesh piercings can also be purchased individually, but will not include the set of face paints.

HoD & Lovely Disarray - Reno Reloaded


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