Lovely Disarray @ TDSF4 + The Secret Hideout!

The burning flames of the underworld can’t match the style you’ll possess with this heavy chained necklace.
This necklace speaks for you featuring the words “Made in Hell.”

Unisex | Un-rigged Mesh Accessory

Purchase Includes:
– Two (2) Chain Necklaces in Male & Female sizes.
– One (1) Controller HUD for metal options
Six (6) color options for: Chain, Padlock & Letters

Mesh permissions are: COPY, MOD, NO TRANSFER

Available @
The Dark Style Fair 4
May 1st – May 22nd

As cruel as the world may be, you’re still a beautiful soul shrouded in mystery with this set of facial scars & mask.

Unisex | Un-rigged Mesh Accessory

Purchase Includes:
Two (2) – Original Mesh Face Masks (Right + Left Version)
One (1) – HUD with eight (8) color options

Special FX Makeup : Scarring (Includes 4 Intensity Levels)
One (1) – Catwa Applier HUD
One (1) – Omega Applier HUD
Four (4) – System Layers

Mesh permissions are: COPY, MOD, NO TRANSFER

Available @
The Secret Hideout

<3 Astrexia


New Exclusives @ The Dark Style Fair!

Today is May 17th which marks the beginning of TDSF!
Over 100 talented designers are participating in this huge fair. This event caters to those who prefer to go to the darker side with their style.
The Dark Style Fair opens today ( May 17th @ 7AM SLT) & will come to an end on June 7th.

For this fair I have created two new Unisex Sets!
These two sets are massive & have many different makeup options. Whether you want to wear layers separately, mix-n-match or tint certain layers.
I was able to create a Loud Mouth applier for one of them (Haunted Souls), which will work with either the male or female versions of the mesh mouth.

Haunted Souls


The Vanquisher

Teleport to TDSF!

ALSO, at my stall I’ve added a pushpin with the new location for the main stores for:
Lovely Disarray, Cool Story Bro., {Anatomy} & HEX APPEAL.

This new area will be a WI.P. for a while as we are still getting things organized.
The final look will be completely different & cater to the different styles of stores Glitch, Amy, Lix & myself have.