The Kawaii Project
Theme: Designers Choice
July 20th @ 12am – August 15th @ 11:59pm

This is a simple yet elegant choker that goes with just about anything. Let this encircling choker help you in your search for true personal growth… *Coughs* Well, at least it’ll help you pull your outfit together.

– One (1) – Original Mesh Choker (C,M,NT)
– One (1) – Customization HUD
Which Includes; Eight (8) leather cord colors & Six (6) metal chain/clasp colors.

The Kawaii Project

<3 Astrexia

Lovely Disarray @ The Kawaii Project

The Kawaii Project
June 20th – July 15th
Theme: Sweet Summer

It’s getting really hot these days, don’t let the damaging UVs stop you from looking different than the rest.
These fun sunscreen warpaint designs for your face and body will set you apart from those who just put on sun screen the normal way~

Unisex | Catwa + Omega (Face & Body Applier Set)

One (1) – Catwa Unisex Applier HUD (Face)
One (1) – Omega Unisex Appler HUD (Face)
One (1) – Omega Unisex Appler HUD (Body)

Two opacity versions for each type, 100% & 70%.

Note on Makeup Applier:
This applier set WILL REMOVE/REPLACE any applied layers if you have any on your; Eyeshadow, Blush and/or Brows slots.

NO system Layers included!
Permissions are: COPY, NO MOD, NO TRANSFER

The Kawaii Project

June 20th – July 15th

<3 Astrexia

Lovely Disarray @ The Kawaii Project

The Kawaii Project
May 20th – June 15th
Theme: Designer’s Choice

Display your fierce fox nature with this beautiful makeup set.
Includes 5 color options, as well as two variant styles for each color.

The Kitsune Tribe : Unisex Catwa Applier

One – Unisex Catwa Applier HUD
Ten (10) – Upper Face Makeup Options
With & Without Nose/Forehead Designs

Five (5) – Optional Lip Stains
Colors include: Noir, Rose, Blood, Cold (Icy Gold), Gold (Warm Gold)

Permissions are: COPY, NO MOD, NO TRANSFER

The Kawaii Project
May 20th – June 15th

<3 Astrexia

Lovely Disarray @ The Kawaii Project

The Kawaii Project
Theme: Designers Choice
March 20th – April 15th

Entangled Antlers

Unisex | Un-rigged Mesh Accessory

Set Includes:

One (1) – Pair of Mesh Antlers*
One (1) – Controller HUD for Antler + String options
HUD Contains eight (8) Antler & seven (7) String color options to choose from~

*Antlers are un-rigged, you can modify the size manually in edit mode or use the script by clicking the item.

Its permissions are: COPY, MOD, NO TRANSFER.

The Kawaii Project

Lovely Disarray @ The Kawaii Project

The Kawaii Project
Theme: Erokawa
February 20th – March 15th

 I created this to be a complimentary makeup set for Quirky’s Pom Pom Set which is also available in this round of Kawaii Project~
With this set of makeup you can show off that you’re a cute cuddly bear~ Show your loved one that you have an animalistic yet cute side!

Beary Charming : Makeup Set (Catwa)

One (1) – CATWA Makeup Applier HUD
Two Complete Styles : With Blush, No Blush.
Two Separate Styles : Eye Liner + Eyeshadow, Muzzle Only.

NO system Layers included!
Its permissions are: COPY, NO MOD, NO TRANSFER

The Kawaii Project

Lovely Disarray @ Kawaii Project : November Round

Event opens: November 20th @ 12am
Event ends: December 15th @ 11:59pm

This round of Kawaii Project is Designers Choice, so we were free to create what we’d like as our exclusive item.
I decided to make a new collar with intricate detail. I didn’t want to release JUST the collar along, I wanted to add an extra element to the set. I created a chest scarification, it can be worn in combination with the collar, or not. It’s your choice as to how you decide to use each piece.

Lovely Disarray – Perverse Collar + Scarification Set


One (1) – Original Mesh Collar w/ Resizing Script
One (1) – HUD – For Collar & Metal Color Options
Four color options for the leather & Four color options for the metals.
One (1) – Meow Scarification – OMEGA Applier
One (1) – Meow Scarification – TMP Installer (Unisex)

Note: The collar is un-rigged so you can modify the size manually in edit mode or use the script by clicking the collar.

Collar permissions are: COPY, MOD, NO TRANS.

Available @:

Kawaii Project

Crazed Usagi Eyes @ The Kawaii Project!

This months round at KP is Designers Choice, a fitting theme for me to return from my hiatus with something new~

Display your crazed bunny side with these unique original eyes. You’re free to mix & match colors & go crazy.
You can make yourself look rather demented by editing your eye opening slightly larger than your usual shape. Another option is keeping your eye opening as is or making it smaller for a more neutral look with these eyes. Whichever you prefer, it’s up to you!

Each set comes complete with system & mesh eyes in two cool colors to mix & match.
Also included are optional add-on glow enhancers which give off a soft luminescent glow.


Each Set Includes:
Two (2) System Eyes.
Four (4) Mesh Eye Balls.
Two (2) Optional Add-On Glow Enhancers.

Mesh Eyes : Copy/Mod/No Trans.
System Eyes : Copy/No Trans.

Also while at Kawaii Project don’t forget to check out the Quirky booth for the
Bitch, Call me Cotton Tail
set that goes along with my eyes~!

The Kawaii Project : Round 19!

July 15th – August 10th


Lovely Disarray @ The Kawaii Project~

Kawaii, you say? Yes, kawaii indeed.
The Kawaii Project is a new bi-monthly event featuring some of the best & awesome designers on the grid.
It’ll open to the public for shopping today Saturday, November 15th.

Personally I was a bit worried when I was getting into this, as those of you who know my brand see I don’t usually make very girly cosmetics. I also tend to stick to the dark & unisex route… but I enjoyed the challenge. I’m glad to be back with new things to share.

Below I’ll show my items that’ll be available @ the event with details about them.

Neo Geisha Concept

Available in three (3) colors; Red, Pastel Blue & Pink.

What each set will Include:
Two (2) – Complete Layers.
Five (5) – Separate Layers to wear as you please.

7 Layers in Total!

1 Loud Mouth Applier HUD
Which includes six (6) Lip Sticks.

More Info:
– PLEASE wear a hair base on TOP of the ‘Smeared Forehead Makeup’ for the best looking results.
– Lip Sticks are ONLY available to be used with Mesh Loud Mouth, of any style. No System Layers are available for the lips.


Iilumi Eye Shadows & Blush Set

Included in this set is:
Ten (10) – Eye Shadows with complimenting eye liners.
Three (3) – Pink Blushes.

13 Layers in Total!

I hope to see you at the 1st round of The Kawaii Project for all things adorable & whimsical.

You may view more info & even the shopping guide HERE.


The Kawaii Project