Lovely Disarray @ The Kawaii Project

The Kawaii Project
Theme: Designers Choice
March 20th – April 15th

Entangled Antlers

Unisex | Un-rigged Mesh Accessory

Set Includes:

One (1) – Pair of Mesh Antlers*
One (1) – Controller HUD for Antler + String options
HUD Contains eight (8) Antler & seven (7) String color options to choose from~

*Antlers are un-rigged, you can modify the size manually in edit mode or use the script by clicking the item.

Its permissions are: COPY, MOD, NO TRANSFER.

The Kawaii Project

Lovely Disarray @ Bodyfy

February 8th – 28th

This heavy steel set of earrings & necklace will give your look the edge it needs.
It includes a HUD to change the appearance of the jewelry. There are four color variations of steel & metals included.

Heavy Industrial : Jewelry Set [Unisex]


One (1) Pair of Earrings.
Two (2) Chain Necklaces in Male & Female sizes.
One (1) Controller HUD for metal options, 4 metal colors included.
Colors Include: New Steel, Used Silver, Distressed Metal, Gold Hue.

BOTH accessories are un-rigged, so you can easily modify them to fit your body. You can use the re-sizer that comes included in the item, or do it manually if you like.

*Tongue Piercing NOT Included*
Tongue Piercing created by: [CX]



Lovely Disarray @ The Kawaii Project

The Kawaii Project
Theme: Designers Choice
January 20th @12AM – February 15th 11:59PM

Want to show your devilish side, yet still look cute?
Give these little guys a try~

Lovely Disarray – Hued Hellion Horns


One (1) – Pair of Mesh Horns

One (1) – Controller HUD for color options.
HUD Contains ten (10) color options to choose from~

Colors Include:
Milk. Silver, Black, Amethyst, Blood Wine, Gold,
Golden Unicorn, Soft Pink, Magic Rose, Phthalo Blue.

Its permissions are: COPY, MOD, NO TRANSFER.

The Kawaii Project

(New Location)

Lovely Disarray @ [Memento Mori]

[Memento Mori]
January 13th @ 3PM SLT – February 9th @ 7PM SLT

I’m truly excited as well as honored to have been invited into Memento Mori for its second round. Something new to the second round is that instead of the usual round being open for two weeks, it’ll be extended for a whole 4 weeks. Which gives more time for people to enjoy the great sim, as well as some shopping.
Please come visit Memento Mori for a great shopping experience for those who love to stay morbid.

Below I’ll show you my two unisex exclusives for the duration of the event.
A LM as well as a link to the official site will be avaiable.

Lovely Disarray  – Personal Jesus : Unisex

Unrigged Accessories + Special FX Makeup

The set includes:
– One (1) Personal Jesus Crown (C, M, NT)*
– One (1) Personal Jesus Collar (C, M, NT)*
(Male & Female Versions included)

– One (1) HUD – For Metal Color Options on both Crown &
Collar simultaneously.
HUD Display Image

– One (1) Neck Damage & Stigmata Hands : Omega Applier HUD

– One (1) Neck Damage & Stigmata Hands : TMP Installer

*Note: The collar & crown are un-rigged so you can modify the size manually in edit mode or use the script by clicking the collar.

Lovely Disarray – Revenant Eye Makeup : Unisex

The set includes:

– One (1) Catwa Applier HUD
Note: Any add-ons applied to the brows, eye-shadow & blush spot will be removed and replaced with this makeup.

– One (1) Omega Applier HUD*
* Only compatible with mesh heads that have full tattoo.

– Five (5) System Layers.
Colors included: Noir, Grey, Green Hue, Purple, Wine.

Note For Mesh Head Users:
As always, keep in mind that the makeup will differ on each mesh head as they don’t all share the exact same UV map.

Lovely Disarray : Memento Mori [Teaser]

For more information about the event please visit:

Teleport to:
[Memento Mori]


Lovely Disarray @ BUY NOW

BUY NOW is an online MarketPlace Event.
There’s no need to deal with waiting for a sim to be available, possible lag, waiting for everything to rezz or any other annoyances. All you need is access to the SecondLife MarketPlace & the monthly keyword to have access to the full list of items for the month of the event.
Buy Now Official – Monthly Listings

With a new year let there be a bold new you~ These unisex Catwa & System Layer eyebrows are great for changing your look up.

Lovely Disarray – Future Candy Unisex Eyebrows

Lovely Disarray – Japonesque Unisex Eyebrows

Each set includes:

One (1) – Catwa Applier HUD / Includes 8 options.
Permissions: Copy, No Mod, No Transfer.

Eight (8) – System Layers (Tattoo)
Permissions: Copy, Mod, No Transfer.

Colors included:
Black, Grey (Tintable), White (Tintable), Blonde, Light Blonde, Brown, Light Brown, Red.

*NOTE on both sets:
You must use the Catwa Master HUD to tint the Grey or White brows if you desire a customized color.
The Grey brow is optimal for achieving a darker tone, while the White can be used to get a custom light color such as pastels.

Lovely Disarray
BUY NOW Jan 2017 Listings

Astrexia Chrome

Lovely Disarray @ Kawaii Project

Kawaii Project
Theme : Rococo QT
December 20th @ 12am – January 15th @ 11:59pm

Have a sty in your eye? Maybe you woke up with pink eye!?
Perhaps you simply like looking like an elegant bad-ass~
My Opulent Eyepatch includes a HUD to control many of its components colors as you see fit. Mix & match colors, or keep it uniform, it’s up to you.
There are five color options for every separate part which include; Straps & Heart Border, Heart (front), Baroque Metals & Pearls.

Lovely Disarray – The Opulent Eyepatch [Unisex]

One (1) – Original Mesh Eyepatch w/ Resizing Script (C, M, NT)
*Materials Enabled*
*Note: The Eyepatch is un-rigged so you can modify the size manually in edit mode or use the script by clicking the collar.

One (1) – HUD – For Color Options
Five (5) For each section:
5 Strap & Heart Boorder Colors
5 Heart (front) Colors
5 Baroque Metals
5 Peal Colors

Its permissions are: COPY, MOD, NO TRANSFER.

Kawaii Project

The Opulent Eyepatch [Teaser]


Lovely Disarray @ Suicide Dollz

Suicide Dollz
December 4th – December 15th

Ready to display your fearless sprit? Your eager anticipation of battle? Well then this is just the set for you~

Lovely Disarray – Battle Ready Warpaint [Unisex]

– One (1) – Catwa Mesh Head Applier HUD
Contains ALL eight (8) options of complete combinations & separates.

– Eight (8) – System Tattoo Layers
3 Complete Layers
5 Separates to mix n match.

*CATWA Mesh Head users: This makeup will be applied to; eyebrows, eye-shadow, blush and/or Lipstick slots on Catwa Mesh Heads. It will replace/remove any existing applied add-ons in those areas.

Its permissions are: COPY, NO MOD, NO TRANS.

Suicide Dollz

[Battle Ready Warpaint Makeup Set – Teaser]